Cookies Policy

Yes, we use cookies to give you better experience than without it. The main reason for cookie is to store as an unique ID and we fixed cookies size not more than 10kb

3rd party Cookies Policy

Since we run third party analytic like Google Analytic, they also use cookie to measure you. Please read their terms with cookies. But we recommend you to agree because they are reliable companies.

Privacy Policy

We collect your public data

  • IP address
  • IP address are the most primitive and public data of a user. From this , we can get user country and timezone by some method.

We store your data securely

  • We are always making sure with your aggreate to be safe
  • We do not store directly as a user, instead we saved as row of aggregates. Every record doesn't represent for a user, it can only be for an event or actions.

We do not abuse your data

  • We do not sell or never join your data to third parties
  • Our administrators are obeying digital rules of law from our country and carefully maintaing the data we are stored.

We track your Touch/Click

We only track your touch or click on ads. We do not track all of your actions on our website or app. We need to make sure that an advertisemet got clicked or tapped to record on that ad logs.